All our missions are accurately logged. This allows us to control our work and to learn lessons for further operations. The mission reports are also intended for the public. So you can see what INTERPLAST's medical teams are doing.

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Mali, December 2020

Clinique Médicale MEDITECH in Bamako, Mali from 4 December 2020 to 11 December 2020.


At the beginning of December MD Volker Wedler took us to the banks of the Niger. Having already been in action to Mali for the third time, the area of mission was no longer new for us. The infrastructure existed. Patients could already be identified by pre-triage and support of Dr Moussa Baba Daou, the President of the Association New Face and Plastic Surgeon. It was indeed not sure up to 100% until shortly before departure whether the mission was able to be carried out because the hospital planned for our mission was converted into a COVID-19 treatment centre by the Government of Mali. However, it was possible to organize an alternative hospital and so we reached Bamako shortly after midnight.

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Cameroon, March 2020

The Surgical-Medical Hospital of the ASPSC (Association pour le Soutien et la Promotion de la Santé au Cameroun – Society for Support and Development of Health Care in Cameroon) in Bafoussam officially planned from 13 March 2020 to 27 March 2020.


In the morning at 9 o’clock it started with travelling by a chauffeur. It was an interesting transfer taking us across mountains and a lot of green landscapes. The scheduled day of triage brought us some surprises as the local employee responsible for planning has left the hospital on short notice. Our team of doctors with Manuela made the best of it; she was phoning and organizing at the same time to allow the triage and surgical activity to start as planned. The OR schedule was finally filled and the logistics work ticked off, we were looking forward to Tuesday – but it was still not to run smoothly.

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Palestine, February 2020

Martyr Khalil Hospital in Jenin, Palestine (West Bank) from 14 February 2020 to 21 February 2020


The mission has already entered its third round. This year a total of 28 surgeries were performed within 5 days, with most surgeries being contracture resolution with full skin coverage after burns or scalds. We were supported by the NGO PCRF (Palestine Child Relief Fund). 
The team gathered at Zurich Airport on the morning of
 February 14th. After check-in of the seven boxes of medical utensils and the homespun gifts, we had a cup of coffee before the trip to Tel Aviv and then to Jenin. The flight was without any problems, however, the entry one of our team member was briefly denied.

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Ghana, November 2019


Mission in the St. Joseph Hospital in Koforidua, Ghana from 23 November 2019 to 1 December 2019.


After our evaluation trip in 2018, we decided to perform our first hand surgery mission in the St. Joseph Hospital in Koforidua in Eastern Ghana. 

After a smooth flight, we were picked up with two buses in Accra by two brother monks. The following day we were driven to the St. Joseph Hospital about 2.5 h in the north. Reaching the hospital around noon, we were warmly welcomed by brother François (Hospital Director) and Bernard (Hospice Manager). After allocating the rooms, lunch was ready so that we could start the medical consultation in the early afternoon.

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Burkina Faso, October 2019



Mission in the Clinique Segdago in Léo, Burkina Faso from 12 October 2019 to 22 October 2019.


The mission was performed as a common project with 21 operations within 6 days.

Despite the late arrival, we went from Ouagadougou to Léo in the dark after the arrival directly. The next day about 50 patients were waiting for us with their companions.




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Mali, August/September 2019


Golden Life American Hospital, Bamako (Mali) from 26 August 2019 to 4 September 2019.


Our workplace was the “Golden Life American Hospital“, located directly on the Niger between the two main bridges over the river. The sponsorship is a cooperation between a Turkish, Malian and American group completed one year ago. It was a pleasure to find an intact infrastructure with the most modern standards. I have never worked in such a good environment before in my 23 years of working in developing countries. For the operations on NOMA patients such a perfect infrastructure was a great advantage.

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Cameroon, March 2019

The Surgical-Medical Hospital of the ASPSC (Association pour le Soutien et la Promotion de la Santé au Cameroun – Society for Support and Development of Health Care in Cameroon) in Bafoussam from 8 March 2019 to 17 March 2019.


It is the second surgical mission in Bafoussam for an expanded surgical mission after the first activity for determination of location in June 2018. A total of 40 patients were evaluated and 15 interventions were performed in 4 days of surgery by us. One highlight was meeting a patient again who had been operated on the previous year.


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Burkina Faso, January 2019

Hospital Persis, Ouahigouya, Yatenga from 4 January 2019 to 18 January 2019.


Departure from Zurich with 11 person to Ouagadougou. The group consisted of three hand surgeons and a paediatric surgeon, an anaesthesiologist, an anaesthesia nurse, two technical surgical female assistants, two female occupational therapists and a registered nurse. It was a pleasant trip. We arrived in Ouagadougou punctually without any problems. The very first breath after getting out of the plane showed that we had landed in Ouagadougou. It smelled like fire in its own way.

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Burkina Faso, December 2018

Hospital Persis, Ouahigouya, Yatenga from 16 November 2018 to 1 December 2018.


During this mission, our focus was on evaluation and surgical reconstruction of patients after NOMA, burns, innate malformations, hand injuries and tumours. 

Fortunately, a local oral surgeon operated with us throughout the period. Therefore, this time we concentrated a little more on the reconstruction in the head/neck area. At the same time, the postoperative progress controls were guaranteed by him.

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Jenin, July 2018





Hospital in Jenin/West Bank from 20 July 2018 to 27 July 2018.


Another mission under cooperation with PCRF (Palestine Children Relief Fund) in Jenin/West Bank. The range of surgeries consisted mainly of severe function-restricting contractures after burns, scalds, explosions as well as malignant tumours and innate malformations.


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Cameroon, June 2018


The Surgical-Medical Hospital of the ASPSC (Association pour le Soutien et la Promotion de la Santé au Cameroun – Society for Support and Development of Health Care in Cameroon) in Bafoussam from 16 June 2018 to 20 June 2018.


Operation on urgent request on a 12-year-old boy, suffering from severe scarring after a burn of 30% of his body surface. At the same time, the operation was used as an opportunity to discuss the possibility of a future collaboration between INTERPLAST Switzerland, Cheira and ASPSC.


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Jordan, March 2018



Hospital of the Red Crescent Society in Amman from 16 March 2018 to 25 March 2018.


A joint mission of INTERPLAST Switzerland, Cheira and NOIVA for reconstructive surgery on patients from the Syrian conflict and Jordanians.

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Burkina Faso January 2018 – Hand surgery



Children’s Hospital Persis, Ouahigouya, Yatenga from 12 January 2018 to 27 January 2018.


The first purely hand surgical mission of our association was again characterized by the very close and pleasant collaboration with Cheira and on-site with Ensemble pour Eux.

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Mission: Jordan 30.11.-3.12.2017 (Editor: Astrid Bergundthal)

Einsatzbericht Jordanien November 2017.p
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Mission: Burkina Faso 3.11.-17.11.2017

More information about our mission under «

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Mission in Tajikistan: 24.-28.9.2017

Read our mission report of Tajikistan, where we have checked the feasibility of missions on official invitation.

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Mission in Jenin/West Bank

The mission took place in cooperation with the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund (PCRF) from 17 March to 24 March 2017.

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3 – 5 March 2017 – Evaluation of a mission on the Syrian-Jordanian border for treatment of the patients in the refugee camp Zataari.

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INTERPLAST in Burkina Faso

25 November to 10 December 2016 – Surgical Mission Hospital Persis in Ouahigouya/Burkina Faso and evaluation of location in Bamako/Mali for future missions. In cooperation with Cheira, Ensemble pour eux and NOMA-HILFE-SCHWEIZ.

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INTERPLAST in Tanzania

The first cooperation with INTERPLAST Switzerland and "Zurich meets Tanzania" from 9 to 24 September 2016.

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