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There are several ways to support us: 

  • Donate or actively help us to realise of our missions. 
  • Keep up to date. Receive our latest reports on regular basis. 
  • Disseminate our information. Recommend us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+. Tell your friends about our work. 
  • Engage as a doctor. Gather valuable experiences for your professional life and help simultaneously people who would otherwise not be able to afford important operations and treatments. 

There are many opportunities to get actively involved with us:

  • Fundraising and procurement of materials
  • Planning of missions, organisation of travel, accommodation, visas, tickets etc. 
  • Getting involved as a doctor in missions on-site
  • Reports for statistics, annual reports, media and our donors 

If you are interested in working with INTERPLAST Switzerland, please contact us by email 

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