Palestine, February 2020

Martyr Khalil Hospital in Jenin, Palestine (West Bank) from 14 February 2020 to 21 February 2020


The mission has already entered its third round. This year a total of 28 surgeries were performed within 5 days, with most surgeries being contracture resolution with full skin coverage after burns or scalds. We were supported by the NGO PCRF (Palestine Child Relief Fund). 
The team gathered at Zurich Airport on the morning of
 February 14th. After check-in of the seven boxes of medical utensils and the homespun gifts, we had a cup of coffee before the trip to Tel Aviv and then to Jenin. The flight was without any problems, however, the entry one of our team member was briefly denied.

Einsatzbericht Jenin 14.-21.2.2020.pdf
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