Mali, December 2020

Clinique Médicale MEDITECH in Bamako, Mali from 4 December 2020 to 11 December 2020.


At the beginning of December MD Volker Wedler took us to the banks of the Niger. Having already been in action to Mali for the third time, the area of mission was no longer new for us. The infrastructure existed. Patients could already be identified by pre-triage and support of Dr Moussa Baba Daou, the President of the Association New Face and Plastic Surgeon. It was indeed not sure up to 100% until shortly before departure whether the mission was able to be carried out because the hospital planned for our mission was converted into a COVID-19 treatment centre by the Government of Mali. However, it was possible to organize an alternative hospital and so we reached Bamako shortly after midnight.

Einsatzbericht Mali 04.12.-11.12.2020.pd
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